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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Four images of a group of Ackerman Elementary students who have gathered around two girls who are arm wrestling while laying on the grass facing each other.

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"February 1983" Students walk across the grass lawn in front of Inlow Hall.

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Two images of students using bicycles to get around on campus. .008 - Near Hoke Hall. .009 - In front of Ackerman Elementary School.

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Eight images of outdoor education and activities in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area. Students hike, camp, swim, trap small animals for study, and take pictures. .003 - The sign reads: "Eagle Cap Wilderness - Wallowa-Whitman National Forest." .020 -…

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"Lily White Field Station - Eagle Creek District - Baker County - Wallowa Mountains" - four images .003 - [Appears to be:] Dave Kerley (3rd in from the right). .008 - [Appears to be:] Robert Ward. The sign reads: "Lily White Mining Camp. A gold mine…

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"2/1991" An image of two young women sitting together on a small sofa.

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"1989" An image of two young men sitting on a bench outdoors.

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"1989" Four images of three young men posing together next to one of the brick enclosed, planting beds.

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"1989" Three images of the front entrance into Pierce Library.

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"1989" Five images of the Grand Staircase, including one on the street where the bottom of the staircase ends.

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