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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Four images of a group of Ackerman Elementary students who have gathered around two girls who are arm wrestling while laying on the grass facing each other.
"February 1983" Students walk across the grass lawn in front of Inlow Hall.
Two images of students using bicycles to get around on campus. .008 - Near Hoke Hall. .009 - In front of Ackerman Elementary School.
Eight images of outdoor education and activities in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area. Students hike, camp, swim, trap small animals for study, and take pictures. .003 - The sign reads: "Eagle Cap Wilderness - Wallowa-Whitman National Forest." .020 -…
"Lily White Field Station - Eagle Creek District - Baker County - Wallowa Mountains" - four images .003 - [Appears to be:] Dave Kerley (3rd in from the right). .008 - [Appears to be:] Robert Ward. The sign reads: "Lily White Mining Camp. A gold mine…
"2/1991" An image of two young women sitting together on a small sofa.
"1989" An image of two young men sitting on a bench outdoors.
"1989" Four images of three young men posing together next to one of the brick enclosed, planting beds.
"1989" Three images of the front entrance into Pierce Library.
"1989" Five images of the Grand Staircase, including one on the street where the bottom of the staircase ends.
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