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"1989" Six images of the section of K Avenue that runs through campus. The center median has been nicely landscaped with rocks, bushes, and new lighting. 89144 .021-.022 - Background: Badgley Hall (left), Inlow Hall (right, side partial). .023-.024 -…
"1989" An image of Mel Buffington standing next to one of the EOSC campus vehicles on K Avenue.
"1989" Two images of the section of K Avenue that runs through campus. .009 - K Avenue: Inlow Hall (left, partial), KEOL radio building (right, partial). .010 - K Avenue: Inlow Hall (partial in the distance).
"5/1987 - Grounds" Two images of a student riding their bicycle on K Avenue and slowing down to look at the gardening work that is in progress within the median. Badgley Hall is visible in the background.
"5/1987 - Grounds" Six images: Five of Phil Yost planting new flowers and shrubs within the median on K Avenue, and one of the median plantings in progress. .007 - Background: Badgley Hall (left, partial), Inlow Hall (right, partial).
"7/1986" Four images of Pierce Library taken from across the cul-de-sac at the end of "K" Avenue.
"7/1986" Four images of groundskeepers working on campus in the median of "K" Avenue. .007-.008 - [Appears to be:] Phil Yost (left). Inlow Hall (background). .009-.010 - [Appears to be:] Phil Yost (left). Background: Badgley Hall (left), Inlow Hall…
"10/1985" Twelve images of the improvements being made to K Avenue on campus. Planting beds are being created down the side of the street and along the center to form a median. A turning circle has been constructed at the inner end of the street. The…
"1953-54 - Intercollegiate Knights Ball - Sweetheart Donna Snow, Tony Phelps" Wearing a crown and holding a bouquet of flowers, Donna Snow sits on a throne as the Sweetheart of the Intercollegiate Knights' Ball. Her escort, Tony Phelps is standing…
"Leyte Business College bldg. on road between Dulag and the camp site of 17th Tact Recon Sqdn. Sign: Base K Surgeon's office Malaria Control"
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