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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of Sam Shorb riding a lawnmower while mowing the grass near the side of Inlow Hall.

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Five images of an EOSC employee who appears to be George McClure. He is standing next to a large, wood planter out in front of Hoke Hall

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"9/1990" Two images of groundskeepers laying sod and landscaping the exterior areas around the new Loso Hall. .001 - Background: Loso Hall (left, partial), Pierce Library (right, partial). .002 - Pierce Library (background).

Position: 2473 (3 views)
"1989" An image of a groundskeeper mowing the campus grass with a Hustler riding lawnmower.

Position: 1576 (4 views)
"1989" Three images of Sam Shorb riding a Hustler lawnmower as it sweeps campus sidewalks pulling trash up into attached cans.

Position: 1576 (4 views)
"1988 - Campus scenes" Three images of employee, George McClure.

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"1988 - Campus scenes" Eleven images of groundskeepers utilizing a bucket truck in order to obtain the necessary height they need for trimming tree branches. The man in the bucket appears to be George McClure.

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"5/1988 - Campus pride" Two images of Phil Yost planting flowers along one of the campus sidewalks.

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"6/1987 - Campus scenes" Six images of groundskeepers digging holes along the edge of a patch of grass, most likely working on the sprinkler system. .013 - Pierce Library (background).

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"5/1987 - Grounds" Six images: Five of Phil Yost planting new flowers and shrubs within the median on K Avenue, and one of the median plantings in progress. .007 - Background: Badgley Hall (left, partial), Inlow Hall (right, partial).

Position: 683 (6 views)

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