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"1989" Six images of the section of K Avenue that runs through campus. The center median has been nicely landscaped with rocks, bushes, and new lighting. 89144 .021-.022 - Background: Badgley Hall (left), Inlow Hall (right, side partial). .023-.024 -…

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"5/1987 - Grounds" Two images of a student riding their bicycle on K Avenue and slowing down to look at the gardening work that is in progress within the median. Badgley Hall is visible in the background.

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"5/1987 - Grounds" Six images: Five of Phil Yost planting new flowers and shrubs within the median on K Avenue, and one of the median plantings in progress. .007 - Background: Badgley Hall (left, partial), Inlow Hall (right, partial).

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"7/1986" Four images of groundskeepers working on campus in the median of "K" Avenue. .007-.008 - [Appears to be:] Phil Yost (left). Inlow Hall (background). .009-.010 - [Appears to be:] Phil Yost (left). Background: Badgley Hall (left), Inlow Hall…

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"10/1985" Twelve images of the improvements being made to K Avenue on campus. Planting beds are being created down the side of the street and along the center to form a median. A turning circle has been constructed at the inner end of the street. The…

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