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"April 11, 1991 - Employee recognition gathering" - forty-nine images 91110 .001 - Jim Hottois (Foreground, right edge, in profile). .003 - Dave Gilbert (standing). .004-.006 - Jim Hottois (standing). .012-.014 - Jerry Ingerson (left). .015-.016 -…
"5/1991 - Campus planting in front of Inlow" - two images .016 - Kelly Yenser (closest, in profile).
"September 1991" Six images of an employee putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls in one of the campus buildings.
"3/9/1991 - Open House" - twenty-five images 91020 .003 - Kevin Parks (foreground, left). .007-.008 - Dave Gilbert (foreground, standing). .010 - Dave Gilbert (background, left edge, standing).
"7/1990 - Theresa Jordan farewell" - twelve images [Theresa Jordan appears in most of these images wearing a light colored, belted, floral print dress.] .004 - Dick Stenard (in profile). .006-.007 - Mike Daugherty (left, in profile). .008 - Pat North…
"8/1990 - Patty Bundren farewell" - seven images [Patty Bundren appears in all of these images wearing a long sleeved, light colored blouse, and light colored slacks.]
"1990 - Alumni Awards Banquet" - nineteen images .001 - Facing from left to right: Dave Gilbert (1st, in profile), Peggy Anderson (2nd), Kelly Yenser (4th, in profile). .002-.003 - From left to right: Doc Savage, Ester Badgley, Dave Gilbert, Carolyn…
"12/1990" Four images taken during a small office party. .011 - From left to right: Howard Bailey (1st, in profile), Vickie Bailey (2nd, in profile, mostly obscured by Bailey), Betty Bohnenkamp (3rd). .012 - Howard Bailey. .019 - Howard Bailey…
"1990" An image of Doris Ross (left) talking with a student who is standing at the counter in front of her.
"1990" Seven images of Nancy Youlden (short hair) filling out paperwork for a student who is seated next to her desk.
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