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"Sunday afternoon entertainment in Maxville, (Wallowa County) Oregon - 1923." Wearing what appears to be a wig under a hat and a fake mustache, one man points a six-shooter pistol at another man who seems to have a face mask on. He has his hands up,…

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"La Grande, Oregon - Four men, dressed in costume, two of them as women - (unreadable, begins with "K"), (unreadable, begins with "R"), Fred Myers, Al Andrews"

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"La Grande, Oregon street scene - before 1911. Looking east on Adams Ave. Advertisement for Selders [manufacturer of candies & ice cream] is on the building on the right." The Foley Hotel is directly on the left.

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"La Grande (Union County) - September 22-23, 1902. A balloon ascension, in connection with the County Fair in 1902 brought out the people from miles around the Grande Ronde Valley and from Wallowa County as well. Here, a large crowd is gathered…

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"La Grande National Bank, La Grande, Oregon - 1904-1922. Cast Iron Mary is located in the intersection to the right of the bank. Advertising for 'Steward's Opera House' painted on side of building to the left of bank."

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"Moon Drug Co. store on the corner of Adams and Fir. Advertisement for Coca-Cola painted on the side of the building. Sign for Moon Drug reads: 'Drugs, Ice Cream, Candies, Stationery, ______, ______ ______, Tobacco.' Grande Ronde Valley House is…

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"Mrs. Hall's Studio [became Hart Studio] - east of City Hall in Elgin, Oregon - about 1915. Women in front are: Mrs. Lottie Hall, Mrs. Annie Johns, Nancy (Lewis? Ben Willis' sister), Lola (Bible?) Stelham. Boy may be Myron Hall." Advertising on the…

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Six, unidentified men stand in front of the toll gate for which the area was named. Written on sign above gate: "Woodward Wagon Road Co." and the various "Toll Rates." Written on sign to the right: "Beckwith Motor Co. - Chalmers, Moon and Apperson…

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"First steel bridge in Union County. Spans Grande Ronde River at Island City. - circa 1900" Advertisement on wooden railing of bridge reads: "Guns and Ammunition at Bohnenkamp's" [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 190),…

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Two locomotives, #2700 and Union Pacific 5-M-L, have suffered a head-on collision. Automobiles line the highway next to the railroad tracks as employees work to clear away the wreckage.

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