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"1989" Thirteen images of trains at the La Grande railroad yards.
"Railroad" Three men stand and sit near the front of a train locomotive. The are wearing early 1900's era clothing, including hats. There is a fuel car directly attached to the back of the locomotive, and there are also numerous train tracks in the…
"Railroad" This appears to be a photo of a photo. A man, and two women, wearing early 1900's era clothing pose together in front of train locomotive.
"Olsen Railroad" This is a photo of a locomotive pulling a train on tracks located in a ditch between two snow covered inclines.
In a painting by artist, Kent Day, train engine, #813 steams along through a snow covered forest. Two loggers lead horses down an embankment towards the train. One of the loggers is carrying an axe and waving at the train.
"Steel frame building - construction - no identification"
"Kamela" [Information located with the photograph print identifies this as being the O. R. & N. station at Meacham, Oregon - 1890's. Judging by the stacks of lumber in the left side of the image, this is a strong possibility as the Bowman-Hicks…
"1915" A locomotive and fuel car are parked in the La Grande, Oregon railroad yard.
Smoke pours from the smokestack of the locomotive as this train makes its run. [This appears to have been taken near La Grande, Oregon.]
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