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"Union Oregon Lumber Mill - Ronde Lumber Co. - Near Experiment Station - Area is now (1998) High School Sport's field"
"Uncle Fred' Nodine, pioneer - circa 1880's. Union, Oregon. October 18, 1826 - August 26, 1907. First arrived in Grande Ronde Valley in 1862." [See: "Obituaries and Other Vital Records of Union County, 1890-1930" (page 88) compiled by Clara Cline…
"Grande Ronde Hospital, La Grande, Oregon - circa 1930."
"John L. McKinnis, pioneer - Summerville, Oregon - circa 1905. Arrived in the Grande Ronde Valley on Sept. 27, 1864. Instrumental in the formation and growth of farming, logging and industry in the Grande Ronde Valley, especially around the…
"Log jam on the Grande Ronde River, near La Grande, Oregon."
"Oro Dell dam - circa 1900" [Note: Wood construction of dam.]
"The Dam at Perry, Oregon - Grande Ronde Lumber Co. - 4 miles from La Grande"
"Oro Dell Dam and Electric Light Plant on the Grande Ronde River, west of La Grande, Oregon - 1905. [1973 notation: At point where west exit bridge for freeway now occurs.]
"2. Photograph of a drawing of Oro Dell, Oregon - circa 1888"

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"Overview of Elgin, Oregon looking west across the Grande Ronde River and up Main St. - circa summer 1888-9." Written on back of photograph: "From Flora Golding." [Photograph used in "History of Elgin, Oregon" by Bernal Hug (page 81, picture no.…
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