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"Paint Co. sign on side of grave at Binmaley"
"O.O. Kincaid - La Grande, Oregon - circa 1900 - Bookkeeper for La Grande National Bank and Secretary for La Grande B. & L. Assn."
"Bowman-Hicks Lumber Co. commissary tickets as used at Maxville - 1920's. Tickets were dark blue on pink paper."
"East Oregon Lumber Company Grade in the Sled Springs area, Wallowa County - circa 1915."
"No. 14 Lumber Mill at Wallowa, Ore. - circa 1912 - Nibley-Mimnaugh Lumber Co."
"Bowman-Hicks Lumber Co. Skidder near Maxville, Oregon (Wallowa County) - circa 1920's"
"East Oregon Lumber Company (Enterprise, Oregon) Baldwin rod engine #3 at Sled Springs - 1928. Dressed in knickers, two women are standing on the engine."
"Bowman Hicks Lumber Co. - Heisler #7 - 28 tons - Maxville, Oregon - 1924"
"Bowman-Hicks Lumber Co. Shay #1 in Boatman Meadows, [Maxville, Oregon] - 1924. Red Wilson, fireman, is standing in the cab. Hercial Jones [not pictured] was the engineer."
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