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"Map of Lily White Area" - Whitman National Forest - Wallowa Mountains. "United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey - Sparta Quadrangle - Oregon - Baker Co. - 15 minute series (topographic)"

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"April 1972 - Downtown La Grande" - twelve images .001 - Sandy's & McGlasson's. .002 - US Bank. .003 - J. C. Penney Co. & The Granada Theater. ("Sometimes a Great Notion" playing with actors, Paul Newman and Henry Fonda.) .004 - Ann Johnson's Quality…

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"1988" Six images taken at a reception attended by administration, faculty, and guests wearing nametags. 88344 .019 - From left to right: Dick Stenard (2nd), Peggy Anderson (3rd), Orson Christensen (4th, in profile), Lee Insko (5th, in profile).…

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"1988" Four images of an NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) sponsored conference.

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"11/1986 - Dick Satterlee" Five images of Dick Satterlee (right) receiving a donation from a businessman outside of the "La Grande Branch United States National Bank of Oregon." There is a chart at the far right for documenting the total United Way…

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"7/1984 - Bow Wiles and Mark Collette take 1st place at National Phi Beta Lambda Business Contest in Atlanta" - eight images

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"April 21, 1981 - ARC [Academic Resource Center?] use NSE [National Student Exchange?]"

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"1/27/1981" Four images of two students in the National Student Exchange Program posing with EOSC employee, Bill Wells. The young women are from South Carolina and Nevada.

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"March 1979 - Cross Country Rally"
Coach Ed Forshee and the cross country ski team get a chance to show off the trophy they have won at a rally held in their honor. The trophy reads: "1st Place Cross Country Combined National Championship."

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