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"1989" Thirteen images of trains at the La Grande railroad yards.
"La Grande Railroad Yard" This is a picture of the snow shrouded, La Grande, OR railroad yard at night. Because of the time and way the photo was taken, the lighting in the area has been given the effect of looking like starbursts.
"Railroad" This is a photo of remnants of a derailed train. There are several passenger cars lying on their sides in the snow near the tracks.
"Railroad" Three men stand and sit near the front of a train locomotive. The are wearing early 1900's era clothing, including hats. There is a fuel car directly attached to the back of the locomotive, and there are also numerous train tracks in the…
"Olsen Railroad" This is a photo of a locomotive pulling a train on tracks located in a ditch between two snow covered inclines.
"Railroad" This is a photo of a locomotive and the fuel car that is attached directly behind it.
"Myron Dickey in striped suit" Myron Dickey and an unidentified friend pretend to push a caboose on the railroad tracks in La Grande, OR. Written on the side of the caboose is "Union Pacific UP 25396."
"Mar. 1912. People looking at Elk near Baker, OR." A number of men are standing on the side of, and on the ground near an open U.P. Union Pacific rail car. There are a couple of stacked bales of hay at the open door to be used as steps. Out of sight,…
"Perry area" This foot and horse traffic bridge spans the river. There are people standing on the left side of the bridge, resting after their bicycle ride. There are railroad tracks running in a cross-T to the bridge, and there is a large log jam on…
"Perry" Four people have bicycled to a wood bridge over a river. The dirt road that leads up to the bridge has a train track crossing it, and there is a train coming. There is also a large log jam in the river between the bridge and the train.
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