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"Dec 1942 - Martha's visit to Salinas Air Base - Pass to Carmel & Pacific Grove Scenes in Carmel"

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"Filipino young lady with a stove-heated laundry iron. The handle with a brand name G - is transferable to other iron bases still heating on the stove"

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"Early Dress making shop - Union"

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"La Grande, Oregon - Adams Avenue looking west from Fir Street - Temperance statue, Cast Iron Mary visible at Adams and Elm - circa 1910""

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"Note location of Cast Iron Mary - Adams at Depot, and not in the center of Adams"

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"Cast Iron Mary at 4th & Depot intersection - Women's Christian Temperance Union - 1904" "Drinking fountain"

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"Cast Iron Mary - Adams Ave. La Grande, Oreg."

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"'Cast Iron Mary' - symbol of sobriety, located at 4th and Depot Streets in La Grande, Oregon. It was erected in 1904 and demolished April 29, 1922 by a notorious bootlegger in a high-speed chase with police."

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"La Grande, Oregon parade on Adams Avenue - July 4, 1910-1912 (bank under construction - near right edge of image) Crowds gather on the sides of the street to watch as the procession passes the "Temperance" statue, Cast Iron Mary.

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"Parade - Adams Avenue (looking west) in La Grande, Oregon - July 4, 1913-1914" Crowds gather on the sides of the street to watch the procession of floats as they pass the "Temperance" statue, Cast Iron Mary.

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