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"10/20/1981" Five images of young women riding horses while bearing flags in the homecoming parade.
"10/20/1981" Forty-one action images of a women's volleyball game.
"3/1982 - Stadium 4th Quarter Drive"

Jim Lundy (standing), Gene Palmer (right of Lundy). In audience: George Fleshman (in profile, Glen McKenzie (in profile), and Rodney Briggs (partial).
"6/7/1982 - Graduation"

Howard Anderson (at podium), Dave Gilbert (right side of image, left end).
"6/1982" An image of a mother attaching new items to her son's uniform during an ROTC ceremony in Hoke Hall
"10/1985 - Octoberfest Parade" Five images of the ROTC flag bearers leading the parade.
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