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"5/1991 - Eastern Rodeo" Nine images taken during the bull riding event at the rodeo.
"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo" - four images Visible sponsorship billboards: .009 - "Pay Less Drug Store," "La Grande Livestock Exchange," "Boise Cascade."
"6/22/1981 - Eastern Oregon Livestock Parade" Four images of children watching the parade and receiving candy.
"6/22/1981 - Eastern Oregon Livestock Parade - Blue Mountain Boys" - nine images
"6/22/1981 - Eastern Oregon Livestock Parade" Four images of the front view of a 1915 Ford open-air car.
"6/22/1981 - Eastern Oregon Livestock Parade" - twenty-six images 81063 .006 - Sign reads: "Fair Fun in '81." .012 - Union High School (background). 81064 .006 - Union Feed & Grain (background). .007-.008 - Union Public Library (background).…
"5/18/1981" Nine images of a the calf dressing event at the rodeo. Young women run across the arena to get their calf, and then work in teams to dress the somewhat unwilling animal in human clothing.
"June 1979 - EOLS [Eastern Oregon Livestock Show] Diane Walker"
"May 19, 1979 - College Rodeo"
A cowboy wrestles a steer to the ground. In the background sponsorship billboards for "Tri-Mountain Realty," "La Grande Livestock Commission Company," "Bridles-n-Britches," and "Burgess" hang on the fence.
"5/1991 - Eastern Rodeo" In a very wet and muddy corral, a cowboy rides in the bronco busting competition. There are two advertisement billboards hanging on the fence in the background: "Ranch-N-Home Realty," and "Mountain Center Livestock Market,…
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