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"1988" Four images of Maxine Cook whom the La Grande Library and Max Square are named after.
"6/22/1981 - Eastern Oregon Livestock Parade" - twenty-six images 81063 .006 - Sign reads: "Fair Fun in '81." .012 - Union High School (background). 81064 .006 - Union Feed & Grain (background). .007-.008 - Union Public Library (background).…
"La Grande Public Library - 1929+/- - as of 2010, The Art Center"
"Public Library - La Grande, Oregon - 1929+/-"
"Public Library - La Grande, Oregon - 1929+/-"
"3. Public Library - La Grande, Oregon - 1929+/-"
"6. State Library [EONS Administration Building - Inlow Hall]" - State Library is of note here as it is either a mistake or the building housed state library materials at one time. There has been no other evidence of the latter.
"La Grande, 1887. Looking north on 4th Street from the brow of a hill. Mt. Emily is in the background. The Episcopal Church in the center foreground had just been moved from Old Town, La Grande. The flagpole behind the church is on City Hall which…
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