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"1983 - 1st Annual ROTC Ceremony" - seventeen images xx334 .001 - Joel Gartenberg (right, back to camera). .002-.003 - Joel Gartenberg (right, in profile). .004-.005 - Joel Gartenberg (right). .006 - Joel Gartenberg (right, back to camera). .007-.008…

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"June 1983 - Graduation" This picture was taken from behind a sea of caps with tassles. One student with a sense of humor has written, "FINALLY" on the top of her cap.

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"1983 or 1984 - Raft Race" Ten images of various team members before and after the race.

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"June 1983 - Graduation" Twenty-three images of the graduating class of 1983 participating in graduation ceremonies. The audience fills the stands in the background.

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"Wrestling" - two images .002 - "Leonard Phelan ponders how to get his opponent off his back." [Photo appears in the 1970 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 188.] .003 - "Len Phelan starts assault on opponent. Few opponents survived from this embattlement."…

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"Wrestling - Brick Woodward waits for referee to begin second round." [Photo appears in the 1970 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 189.]

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Two images of the main flagpole in front of Inlow Hall where the U.S. flag is flying at half mast.

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Seven images of a band playing a concert in Quinn Coliseum.

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"1970 - Graduation" - eight images xx044 .001 - "A most rewarding experience both for Dr. Rempel and students is the customary passage of degrees." Wilbur Osterloh (left). [Photo appears in the 1970 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 123.] xx207 .001-.002 -…

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"6/1991 - ROTC Commissioning and de-activation" - five images .007 - From left to right: Colonel Siegfried (back to camera), Cadet Appleton (in profile), Captain Fahrenbach, Cadet Goodwin (partial), Cadet Brad Domby (back to camera). .008 - From left…

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