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"Volleyball" Four images of the women's volleyball team.
"Volleyball" Thirty-one action images taken during a women's volleyball practice in Quinn Coliseum.
An action shot from a volleyball game played in the gymnsium at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon.
Five images taken during a volleyball game.
Two images of the women's volleyball team practicing.
"1972 - Girls Volleyball" Two images of the volleyball team with Coach Jean Neely standing in back, second in from the right.
"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - two images .012 - Coach Jean Neely (right side of door).
"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - two images
"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - twenty-two images
"September 1991 - Volleyball Team" Three images of the team posing together. Those who have been identified are from left to right: Front row: Annette Archer (2nd), Becky Aldred (5th). Back row: Geigy Jacobs (1st), Cassie Miller (5th), Colleen Colles…
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