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"Faye Higgins - The smallest man in 17th Photo Lab, holds Russell Price, the largest, to celebrate war's end!"

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"S/Sgt Nicastro, 17th Photo Section - looks out of a Photo Section tent door at Dulag Leyte. Jan 1945"

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"The Completed Biak Photo lab exterior"

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"17th T. Recon Sqdn Photo Section being set up. 3' by 6' floor panels were fabricated before we left Finchhaffen" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Biak Photo Lab. In his August 19 letter, Hill sketched the new photo lab floor plan and, in a photo, he…

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"17th Photo Section - Finschhafen"

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"Fred Hill on water tanks at Photo Lab"

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"Fred Hill on water tanks at Photo Lab"

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"17th Tact. Recon Sqdn Photo lab set up. Primative at Dulag."

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"The most primative of all Photo sections of the 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn's seven locations - at Dulag Leyte P.I." From "Darkroom Soldier": "Photo Lab at Dulag. Built in a smooth, level, and dry cornfield, the photo lab at Dulag was 'the crudest set-up…

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"The Photo Section - 17th Tactical Recon Sqdn - Al Gertz and Alan Countryman mixing chemicals" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Mixing Chemicals. Cpl Albert Gertz (left) and Pfc Allan (A.J.) Countryman prepare stock solutions for the Photo Lab. Developer…

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