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"17th Photo Section - The War is Over!" Sign reads: "CLOSED Open Next War under New Management" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Ending Metaphor. To interpret the end of military hostilities, Photo Section men revised their sign to show they felt likeā€¦
"Dec 1942 - Martha's visit to Salinas Air Base - Pass to Carmel & Pacific Grove" Sign out front: "Blue Bird - Luncheon, Tea, Dinner, Breakfast"
"Manila - Samar street sign" Sign on post reads: "This street clear of mines"
"Incendiary sand sign for a barrel of sand but in beach sand - Lingayen" Sign reads: "Sand for Fire Only"
"Paint Co. sign on side of grave at Binmaley"
"3 ground level scenes of Manila - not bombed, taken by Capt Price of 49th Fighter Sqdn La Conga Dance Pavillion - Drink, Dine, Dance"
"Japanese characters on Rail Road Crossing sign Luzon, toward Vigan"
"Pvt 1st class Oakley H. Scott. 17th Tact. Recon. Sqdn Photo Section. A member of Fred Hill's print crew. Allan Countryman was 3rd man."
"Front entry of Photo Section Binmaley, Luzon P.I. 17th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron"
"Company Street - 17th Photo Section on left - Mess hall at end - Operations on right. 'Buy War Bonds' sign on tree"
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