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Three images of a young man and woman in a men's clothing store. The man is holding a couple of wrapped Christmas presents.
"12/1987 - Christmas" - six images .006 - Tom Easley (middle), Jerry McCarthy (right, in profile). .010 - Dixie Lund (left), Greg Monahan (right). .011 - From left to right: Judd Koehn (in profile), Alan Davis (in profile), Dennis Swanger. .012 -…
"12/1987 - Christmas" - four images .002 - Toni Raymond (left, back to camera), Howard Bailey (right). .003 - From left to right: Jack Johnson (1st, in profile), Mary Zinter (2nd), Janet Millay (3rd). .004 - Toni Raymond (left), Dixie Lund (right, in…
"12/1987 - Christmas" Two images of a young woman sitting on Santa's lap and whispering in his ear. Santa's beard has moved up his face and caused his mustache to appear above his nose instead of below it.
"12/1987 - Ackerman Christmas" Twenty-four images of Ackerman Elementary School students celebrating Christmas in Hoke Hall.
"12/1986" Thirteen images of a woman who appears to be Toni Raymond, dressed as a Christmas Elf, and delivering goodies to employees. .003 - [Appears to be:] Nancy Youlden (right). .006 - Darin Silbernagel (middle), Jerry McCarthy (right edge, in…
"12/1983 - President Gilbert's Office Christmas Party" - nine images .001 - Dave Gilbert (center). .002 - Mike Daugherty (right side of image, in profile). .003 - Background: Sandra Barker (left), Jerry Young (right). .006 - From left to right: Mike…
"12/1983" Five images of Santa Claus arriving at the Ackerman Christmas Program.
"12/1983" An images of two girls performing at the Ackerman Christmas Program.
"12/1983" Eight images of different age groups of children performing at the Ackerman Christmas Program. .005 - Betty Bohnenkamp (directing).
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