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Four images of the various methods that workers utilized to get supplies from ground level up to the rooftop of Pierce Library during the remodel.
"5/1985 - Roof repairs to Inlow" - nineteen images .011 - Facilities power plant (background).
"10/1984 - Terrie [or Terri] Biggs, Classified - Shipping and Receiving" - ten images
"September 1984 - School begins" Three images of two young men unloading supplies from the back of a pickup truck. The assortment appears to be for an upcoming barbecue.
"January 25, 1980 - Homedale High - Duane Ash" Two images of a Homedale High School photography teacher, possibly identified as Duane Ash. [There were two males in this series of images, and it was not specified which one was Duane Ash.]
A young man is behind the counter of the bookstore. He is adding up a woman's purchases on the cash register. Behind him is the apparel area of the store, and there is a sunlight window high up above the clothing.
"10/1984 - Terrie [or Terri] Biggs, Classified - Shipping and Receiving"
"Main entrance to main building looking west. Bldg faces east. Two more aisles like this on either side of this."
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