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"Over looking tents of 17th Recon camp at Ie Shima - looking North - great cloud picture"
"Jap 'Betty' bomber on landing approach at Ie Shima" From "Darkroom Soldier": "First Betty Landing. Recalling this day, Hill wrote, 'While we were on Ie Shima, General MacArthur ordered that a contingent of Japanese diplomats go to Manila to make the…
"First of Japanese Betty Bombers - white with big green crosses - as per Gen MacArthur's instructions - arriving at Ie Shima"
"The Jap 'Betty' bombers delivering the preliminary Jap envoys. This shows the planes still high in the air. No escorting planes in this picture."
"Clouds over most buildings. 2 Naval vessels in distance. 17th Recon original but from Nat'l Archives Microfilm - from Don Abbot. Not sharp"
"Head-on, almost all of the island - Cloud covers part. Must be square print if all is included. Photo by 17th Recon Sqdn"
"View across Parade ground from far enough away to show water's edge. Before any 'chutes. Photo by 17th Recon Sqdn. Needs to be printed square" "Taken before any of the 503rd Regimental Combat team paratroopers had been delivered. Tank farm and…
"12 B-25's on a bombing run - Sticks of bombs falling. Taken from another B-25. Not 17th Recon"
Taken from the hill Inlow Hall sits on, this is a picture of La Grande, OR and Mt. Emily - appears to be Infra Red.
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