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"S/Sgt Nicastro, 17th Photo Section - looks out of a Photo Section tent door at Dulag Leyte. Jan 1945"
"Jap Betty Bomber - legs of mechanic visible on ladder. Another mechanic and a US S/Sgt look on"
"The 17th Photo Section staff - 20 men pictured plus 2 more. 22 man crew as of July 20 '45. 2 men - Ed Coit - Sgt Lab Tech. Albert Gertz - Cpl Chemical Maintenance - were rotated home with 110 points June 15, 1945" "L to R: Clarence Richards, Cpl Lab
"Sy Rosenblatt adjusting feed chutes to 8 gun nose" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Nose Guns. S/Sgt Sy Rosenblatt contemplates the .50 caliber machine gun mounted in the bombardier's compartment in this B-25J. With two packet guns mounted on sides of theā€¦
"Officers (Pilots) relaxing at Officer's Club. S/Sgt Harry Jones - standing. Maj. Bert Smiley - far right"
"S/Sgt Joe Summerville - 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn"
"S/Sgt Weber at the Communications tent of the 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn complex at Dulag - Leyte"
"17th Supply 'building' in the mud at Dulag, Leyte. S/Sgt Harry Jones, Supply Sgt, 1st on left"
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