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"Sgt Fred Hill - in the 'jungle' near the 17th camp at Dulag Philippines"
"Earl Powers rubbing mud from his shoes at Hollandia" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Hollandia Mud. In April, 1942, Japanese forces landed at Hollandia on the New Guinea coast unopposed, but on April 22, 1944, 'surprise landings by U.S. troops were made…
"Fred Hill, Sergeant, on KP" From "Darkroom Soldier": "New Guinea KP. Sometime during the summer of 1944, Martha delivered this photo and caption information to her local newspaper: 'Stationed with a photo reconaissance group of the Army Air Force is…
"41st Division - August 1940 - Platoon Sgt Bill Gamble demonstrates 60mm trench mortar - on maneuvers at Hunter-Liggett military reservation, California"
"Maneuvers at Fort Lewis - July 1940 - Sgt Eugene Winters - Sgt Jack Hendrickson (shaving)"
"Fort Lewis Maneuvers - July 1940 - National Guard - Sgt Bill Gamble, Sgt Gordon Brown and Sgt Bert Burke study a map on a maneuver exercise"
"The War is Over! Off comes the mustache" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Shaven Clean. As Hill wrote Martha, to celebrate the end of the war, a 'couple of boys who had prodigious beards were mobbed by others who produced soap and razors and began to shave…
"The 17th Photo Section staff - 20 men pictured plus 2 more. 22 man crew as of July 20 '45. 2 men - Ed Coit - Sgt Lab Tech. Albert Gertz - Cpl Chemical Maintenance - were rotated home with 110 points June 15, 1945" "L to R: Clarence Richards, Cpl Lab
"Signal Corps Photo. 503rd RCT members in C-47 hooked to static line ready to jump - Sgt Albert Baldwin of Steubenville, Ohio leads the jump in first positition - Signal Corps original, from Lantern Slide from Bob Flynn - fairly sharp"
"Fred Hill photographing friend Marciana - Binmaley" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Sgt Fred Hill with Kodak Autographic 3-A Special. Hill recycled discarded, unexposed roll ends of K-17 aerial film by cutting them into 3" x 5" sections to fit into his…
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