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"Sgt Fred Hill - in the 'jungle' near the 17th camp at Dulag Philippines"

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"Earl Powers rubbing mud from his shoes at Hollandia" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Hollandia Mud. In April, 1942, Japanese forces landed at Hollandia on the New Guinea coast unopposed, but on April 22, 1944, 'surprise landings by U.S. troops were made…

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"Fred Hill, Sergeant, on KP" From "Darkroom Soldier": "New Guinea KP. Sometime during the summer of 1944, Martha delivered this photo and caption information to her local newspaper: 'Stationed with a photo reconaissance group of the Army Air Force is…

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"41st Division - August 1940 - Platoon Sgt Bill Gamble demonstrates 60mm trench mortar - on maneuvers at Hunter-Liggett military reservation, California"

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"Maneuvers at Fort Lewis - July 1940 - Sgt Eugene Winters - Sgt Jack Hendrickson (shaving)"

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"Fort Lewis Maneuvers - July 1940 - National Guard - Sgt Bill Gamble, Sgt Gordon Brown and Sgt Bert Burke study a map on a maneuver exercise"

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"The War is Over! Off comes the mustache" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Shaven Clean. As Hill wrote Martha, to celebrate the end of the war, a 'couple of boys who had prodigious beards were mobbed by others who produced soap and razors and began to shave…

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"The 17th Photo Section staff - 20 men pictured plus 2 more. 22 man crew as of July 20 '45. 2 men - Ed Coit - Sgt Lab Tech. Albert Gertz - Cpl Chemical Maintenance - were rotated home with 110 points June 15, 1945" "L to R: Clarence Richards, Cpl Lab

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"Signal Corps Photo. 503rd RCT members in C-47 hooked to static line ready to jump - Sgt Albert Baldwin of Steubenville, Ohio leads the jump in first positition - Signal Corps original, from Lantern Slide from Bob Flynn - fairly sharp"

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"Fred Hill photographing friend Marciana - Binmaley" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Sgt Fred Hill with Kodak Autographic 3-A Special. Hill recycled discarded, unexposed roll ends of K-17 aerial film by cutting them into 3" x 5" sections to fit into his…

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