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"Japanese delegates transferring to US C-54 for trip on to Manila - No steps were available for C-54's on Ie Shima. Not a deliberate insult! From "Darkroom Soldier": "Awkward Climb to Peace. The airstrip at Ie Shima was not equipped to accommodate…
"Jap Envoy Betty bombers taxiing at Ie Shima"
"Two Betty bombers in air being escorted"
"Oblique view over barbed wire fence - of one of the Jap Betty's. Mechanic standing on chair to reach engine nacelle - Aug 19 & 20 1945"
"3/4 rear view of Jap Betty Bomber behind barbed wire enclosure - US MP stands guard. Good showing of the Green Cross Marks"
"Side of 'Betty' Bomber - two crew members in view - behind barbed wire fence"
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