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"Fort Lewis Inspection in the field with escorting officers (Bird Colonels, Majors etc) in front of a line of limosines"
"Maj McGuire's P-38 'Putt Putt Maru' - Ace 2nd only to Maj Bong"
"Maj Shomo's 'Flying Undertaker' 82nd TRS" Printed on negative: "The Mustang of 71st Tactical"
"Officers (Pilots) relaxing at Officer's Club. S/Sgt Harry Jones - standing. Maj. Bert Smiley - far right"
"Nose art - The nose and Mission record of 17th Recon Sqdn's 'Little Joe,' C.O. Maj Wise's plane"
"Maj Wm. Tennile C.O. of 17th TRSqdn"
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