Binmaley, Photo Section

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Binmaley, Photo Section


Military camps
Military uniforms
Andrews, Frederick
Barrett, Ed
Baxter, Dick
Bernardo, Ed
Countryman, Allan J.
Higgins, Foy
Hill, Fred
Johnson, Alton
Kostelney, Ed
Nicastro, Rocco
Orlando, Charles
Price, Russell
Reimer, Van
Richards, Clarence
Risdon, Dale
Scott, Oakley
Skocjynski, Pfc
Usenia, Nikita
Veliky, Joseph
Williams, Paul


"The 17th Photo Section staff - 20 men pictured plus 2 more. 22 man crew as of July 20 '45. 2 men - Ed Coit - Sgt Lab Tech. Albert Gertz - Cpl Chemical Maintenance - were rotated home with 110 points June 15, 1945" "L to R: Clarence Richards, Cpl Lab
Frederick Hill, Sgt Lab
Rocco Nicastro S/Sgt Lab
Dick Baxter, Cpl Camera Repair
Paul Williams, Cpl CR
Allan Countryman, Pfc Lab
Joseph Veliky, Pfc Lab
Alton Johnson, Cpl Lab
Ed Barrett, Pvt Lab
Frederick Andrews, Cpl Lab
Foy Higgins, Pfc Lab
Dale Risdon, Pfc CR
Skocjynski, Pfc Lab
Oakley Scott, Pfc Supply
Nikita Usenia, Pfc Lab
Russell Price, Pfc Lab
Ed Bernardo, CR Chief
Van Reimer, Cpl Film Process
Charles Orlando, T/Sgt Section Chief
Ed Kostelney, Pvt Lab. Not pictured: Frederick McDonald, Sgt Lab
David Kreloff, Pfc Section Clerk"






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