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"Oblique view over barbed wire fence - of one of the Jap Betty's. Mechanic standing on chair to reach engine nacelle - Aug 19 & 20 1945"
"3/4 rear view of Jap Betty Bomber behind barbed wire enclosure - US MP stands guard. Good showing of the Green Cross Marks"
"Side of 'Betty' Bomber - two crew members in view - behind barbed wire fence"
"Jap Betty Bomber - legs of mechanic visible on ladder. Another mechanic and a US S/Sgt look on"
"Close up of Jap Betty bomber - Mechanic standing on folding chair to inspect engine - Chair back painted '723 and two Japanese characters"
"Jap Betty Bomber - view from low angle - Mechanic on top of left engine"
"3/4 view of Jap 'Betty' Bomber behind barbed wire fence. US soldier and Jap crewman converse"
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