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"5/1985 - Chancellor visits" Twenty images of State Board of Higher Education members mingling with administration and faculty at a reception during the Board's visit to campus.
"2/1986" Twelve images of a reception for Chancellor [William] "Bud" Davis, administration, and faculty.

From left to right: Bud Davis (1st, in profile), Dick Hermens (2nd).

"1989" A series of images of people enjoying refreshments and socializing after the Ars Poetica with guest, William Stafford.

David Axelrod (left), Jodi Varon (middle).

"1989" Seven images of people enjoying ice cream bars out on the Hoke Hall patio after touring Loso Hall which is under construction.

"1989" A series of images taken after the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the new back entrance into Pierce Library. Refreshments are served inside the library while people mingle and socialize.

From right to left: Patty Cutright (1st, in…

"1990" A series of images of lectures and information gathering during orientation activities.

Terral Schut (at podium).

"March 26, 1990" Twenty-two images of employees and guests socializing and having refreshments after an award presentation in Pierce Library.

Jim Hottois (left, in profile).
"1964 - Instructional Meeting Center Workshop" Eight images taken during the Instructional Meeting Center Workshop of various learning areas, as well as the refreshments table.
"1968 - Reading Institute" Fourteen images of adults meeting about curriculum, socializing, and eating refreshments during the 1968 Reading Institute.

Neva Neill (right).
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