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Seven images of a woman using an overhead projector and lecturing to a full classroom of students in Hoke Hall.
"Ackerman students - Mrs. Falkes class" Four images of children using various audio and visual equipment.
"1964 - Instructional Meeting Center Workshop" Eight images taken during the Instructional Meeting Center Workshop of various learning areas, as well as the refreshments table.
"5/1987 - Quinn" Three images of a woman who appears to be Peggy Anderson lecturing to a class of athletics students.
"10/1985 - First day of classes" Four images of man speaking to a large group of students in the Hoke Hall conference room.. This appears to be a business-related forum as all of the students are dressed nicely and some are wearing nametags.
"10/1985 - First day of classes" - two images
"10/1985 - First day of classes" - two images
"4/1984" Three images of what appears to be a seminar attended by men. .011-.012 - [Appears to be:] Dennis Swanger (standing, back to camera).
"3/16/1983" An image of a class of high school students learning about "Electrical Power from the Sun" from Professor Tom Herrmann on Youth Energy Awareness Day.
"3/16/1983" Two images of a class for high school students on Youth Energy Awareness Day.
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