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"4/9/1983 - EOSC Open House" Four images of a gentleman lecturing to an audience during the Open House, possibly on the topic of how to pay for college.
An unidentified woman speaks into a free-standing microphone next to a podium.
"Conrade Head, Faculty" Professor Conrade Head stands in the middle of an evergreen bush in one of the campus planting beds conducting a science class about leaves and plants.
"2/1983" Two images of an unidentified gentleman conducting a class on Islam and Muslims in Hoke Hall.
"4/22/1983 - Readers Conference" - seventeen images
Seven images of a woman using an overhead projector and lecturing to a full classroom of students in Hoke Hall.
Six images of an unidentified guest speaker.
Five images of an unidentified guest speaker.
"4/1991 - John Millay, classroom shots" - five images
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