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"4/9/1983 - EOSC Open House" Five images of an audience listening to Residence Life Director Mike Daugherty at the Open House.

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"Freshman Week" A large group of new students mingle outside of Dorion Hall with some of them standing and most sitting on the grass.

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"Freshman Week" Twelve images of a singing guitarist performing outdoors, and the audience members who sat on the grass to watch and listen. xx059 .006 - Hoke Building (background). .007 - Ackerman Elementary School (background). .008 - Hoke Building…

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"9/16/1991 - New student barbecue" - five images .002-.005 - Dorion Hall (background).

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"September 1990" Nine images taken during the BBQ opening the new school year. .015 - Mike Daugherty (right end). .024 - Closest group: Peggy Anderson (left, in profile), Mike Daugherty (middle, back to camera), Alan Davis (right, in profile).

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"1990, Spring - New student registration" - eight images .001-.002 - Dave Gilbert (standing). .003-.004 - Dick Stenard (standing). .005 - Nancy Youlden. .008 - Standing: Alan Davis (left), Mike Daugherty (middle).

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"1990" Two images of a student being helped at the Student Develepment Center table. .006-.007 - Dick Stenard (middle), Alan Davis (right, in profile).

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"1990" Twelve images of lectures and information gathering during orientation activities. 90002 .028-.029 - Terral Schut (at podium). 90003 .004-.005 - [Appears to be:] Alan Davis (standing and speaking). 90013 .011-.014 - Nancy Youlden (standing and…

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