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"2/1987" Twenty-six images of employees and students gathered together for the premiere of the new Hoke Hall Coffee Shop, "Jitters." Drawings for prizes and a ribbon cutting are included in the evening's activities. xx345 .003 - Yvonne Tagge. .004 -…

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Five images of an Awards Breakfast held in Hoke Hall. .003 - President Dave Gilbert (presenting award), Carolyn Gilbert (sitting to his left). .004 - From left to right behind table: Harvey Bennett (1st), Dave Gilbert (3rd), Carolyn Gilbert (4th),…

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"May 1984 - Food Service Dinner" Standing from left to right: Ray Steele (1st), Provost Jim Hottois (2nd), President Dave Gilbert (3rd), Bill Wells (5th). Seated: Jim Lundy (facing), Carolyn Gilbert (right side, bottom corner, in profile).

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"February 28, 1983 - President Gilbert's 1st day as president & 1st official phone call" - thirteen images xx258 .001 - From left to right: Ruth Schiller [or Schueler] Gibbs, Carolyn Gilbert, Celas Hug. xx299 .002 - From left to right: Ruth Schiller…

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"5/1991 - Eastern Rodeo" Three images of from right to left: Dick Stenard, Dave Gilbert and Carolyn Gilbert sitting in the covered stands together while watching the rodeo.

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"June 6, 1991 - Student Awards" - forty-eight images 91085 .001 - Brad Domby (left), Captain Fehrenbach (right, in profile). .002 - Mike Daugherty (right, in profile). .005 - Larry Bellamy. .008 - Greg Monahan (seated, right). .011 - Turbeville…

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"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet" - seven images .011 - From left to right: Peggy Anderson (in profile), Archie C. Dunsmoor, Dave Gilbert, Weldon "Bud" Lewis. .012-.013 - Archie C. Dunsmoor (left), Weldon "Bud" Lewis (right). .015 -…

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"10/1990" An image taken during an alumni function of Carolyn Gilbert (left) and Dave Gilbert (right), posing with a special guest.

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"10/1990" Nine images taken during an Art Show featuring paintings. .010 - From right to left: Ian Gatley (1st, in profile, partial), Dave Gilbert (3rd), Carolyn Gilbert (4th). .012-.013 - Dave Gilbert (left).

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"1990 - Alumni Awards Banquet" - nineteen images .001 - Facing from left to right: Dave Gilbert (1st, in profile), Peggy Anderson (2nd), Kelly Yenser (4th, in profile). .002-.003 - From left to right: Doc Savage, Ester Badgley, Dave Gilbert, Carolyn…

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