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"1/14/1983 - Chancellor's Hearing on 'Strategic Plan to Improve College Entrance" - seven images .004-.006 - From left to right: Dave Gilbert, Harriett Flanagan, Chancellor "Bud" Davis, Jim Petersen, Lawrence Pierce. .007 - Chancellor "Bud" Davis…

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"1/14/1983 - Chancellor's Hearing on 'Strategic Plan to Improve College Entrance'" Eight images of the dinner with employees and board members that followed the Hearing. .001 - Chancellor "Bud" Davis (standing), Neva Neill (right edge, eyeglasses).…

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"5/26/1983 State Board of Higher Education Open Meeting" - thirty-seven images .009 - Dave Gilbert (looking at paper). [Identified board members: Chancellor William "Bud" Davis, Jim Petersen, Al Batiste.]

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"5/25/1983 State Board of Higher Education and Faculty" - eight images .003 - [Appears to be:] Al Batiste (2nd from left), Dave Gilbert (speaking at podium). .004 - Jim Petersen (right side, corner). .006 - From right to left: Harriett Flanagan…

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"5/25/1983 - State Board of Higher Education and Faculty" Sixteen images of State Board of Higher Education members mingling with administration and faculty at a reception during the Board's visit to campus. xx310 .001-.002 - [Appears to be:] Al…

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"May 1974 - State Board" - twenty-one images .001 - William [Bill] McLean (left), [appears to be:] Robert Pike (right). .002 - Rodney Briggs (foreground). Background: Enno Klammer (left), Ted Brown (visible between Rodney and the woman he is talking…

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"1970 Graduation" Three images of the faculty walking in a procession towards Quinn Coliseum where the graduation ceremonies will be held. xx044 .008 - "Dr. Rempel and Dr. Easley led the faculty procession through the ranks of seniors toward the…

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"Susan and Ancil H. Payne, State Board of Higher Education" Three images of Evensong Queen, Susan (Sue) Strong, posing with Ancil H. Payne.

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"1990" Two images taken during an on campus meeting of the State Board of Higher Education. .018 - 3rd table fack from right to left: Christopher Halsey (1st, in profile), Britteny Davis (2nd). Standing, back of room: Tom Bartlett (left), Dave…

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"1989 - State Board" An image of visiting state board members eating lunch in one of the Hoke Hall meeting rooms.

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