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"December 1979 - Donna Camphill"
Donna Camphill poses behind a table with a cake on it. This appears to be a retirement reception.
"1983" Two unidentified young women work at a table with a snow cone maker and syrup bottles on it.
"5/25/1983 - State Board of Higher Education and Faculty" Sixteen images of State Board of Higher Education members mingling with administration and faculty at a reception during the Board's visit to campus. xx310 .001-.002 - [Appears to be:] Al…
Eight images of administration, faculty, and patrons enjoying an art show on campus. .010 - Leen Inghels (right). .011 - Ralph Lewis (arms crossed). .012 - Standing: Neva Neill (left), John Jambura (right). .013 - Center in front of display case:…
Five images of administration, faculty, and patrons enjoying an art show on campus. .008 - Rodney Briggs (2nd in from left). .009 - Tom Bradbeer (left of display case), Werner Bruecher (Bradbeer's right). .010 - Yvonne Tagge (blonde woman). .012 -…
"Construction" Four images of the officials who have come to tour the Hoke Hall construction site having refreshments and socializing with administration and faculty. .027 - From right to left: James Petersen (1st), Averno Rempel (2nd).
"1968 - Reading Institute" Fourteen images of adults meeting about curriculum, socializing, and eating refreshments during the 1968 Reading Institute. xx023 .002 - Neva Neill (right). xx029 .014 - Neva Neill (right).
"1964 - Instructional Meeting Center Workshop" Eight images taken during the Instructional Meeting Center Workshop of various learning areas, as well as the refreshments table.
"June 6, 1991 - Student Awards" - seven images .004 - Greg Monahan (left), Peggy Anderson (right). .005 - Mike Daugherty (left). .009 - Brad Domby. .010 - Dick Stenard (right end). .012 - From left to right: Colleen Colles (1st), Jim Hottois (2nd).
"March 26, 1990" Twenty-two images of employees and guests socializing and having refreshments after an award presentation in Pierce Library. 90024 .001 - Jim Hottois (left, in profile). .002 - Dave Gilbert (right, standing). .003 - Dave Gilbert (2nd…
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