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"3/23/1981" Two images of two young women sitting outdoors on one of the campus benches next to a brick-enclosed, planting bed.
Five images of Professor Johannes Spronk sitting outdoors on one of the brick enclosed, planting beds while he talks with a young woman who is on a bicycle.
"May 1981 - Dorm Play Day & Steak Fry" Seven images of the outdoor volleyball games played by campus residents on Dorm Play Day.
"May 1981 - Dorm Play Day & Steak Fry" Six images of campus residents sitting on the brick-enclosed planting beds, and on the grass, as they eat outdoor barbecue on Dorm Play Day. The steaks are cooked on a grill that is set up near Facilities.
"6/1981" Five images of graduates standing outside near Ackerman Elementary School.
"9/22/1981 - New Student Week - Foreign Student Orientation" - ten images
"9/24/1981 - New Student Week" Nineteen images of students practicing folk dancing routines outdoors.
"9/1984 - Germania Dancers" - four images .007 - Pierce Library (background)
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