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"Mata and Moto, two native men who worked for mosquito abatement. Sitting in Photo section Jeep with Fred Hill, standing"
"Sgts Hill and Casey 17th Tact Recon Sqdn Photo Section"
"Dick Baxter Biak"
"March 1977 - Plant Service Building"
From a set of images that were probably taken in order to document the state of disrepair that the old building had fallen into. This image shows damaged ceiling tiles. [The main part of this building was…
"May 1977 - Norm [Norman] Punches (plumber)"
Norm Punches applies a bumper sticker to one of the campus trucks. It reads: "We Save Energy."
"186th Infantry - 41st Cantonment - North Fort Lewis"
"How we swam at Hunter-Liggett"

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