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"Sgt Bob Casey, Mata, Moto, M/Sgt Tryk. Ice cubes - strange new things to local citizens #3 filter" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Ice Cube Friends. Mata and Moto, two boys from the Finschhafen area hired by the Army to spray for mosquitos, pose with Sgt…
"Bob Casey between two local New Guinea men 'Mata' and 'Moto' who worked for mosquito abatement to spray kerosine on standing water puddles"
"Two local citizens in GI clothes who worked for US Gov't in Mosquito Abatement - spraying kerosene on standing water puddles"
"Two New Guinea men who worked for mosquito control 'Moto' and 'Mata"
"Fred Hill and New Guinea men Moto and Mata who worked for mosquito abatement project, spraying kerosene/oil on any standing water puddles"
"Sgt Earl Powers and two friends, Moto and Mata showing them a photograph"
"Two local men, Moto and Mata who worked for Mosquito abatement (spraying oil/kerosene on puddles) holding film cans of ice water - new experience for them - The Photo lab had a refrigerator - Ed Bernardo & Dick Baxter"
"Mata and Moto, two native men who worked for mosquito abatement. Sitting in Photo section Jeep with Fred Hill, standing"
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