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"1989" Four images taken during the demolition of the old Facilities building. Originally, the main part of the building was called, "Pierce Hall," and it was used as a supplementary dormitory for men. Then, prior to the building of a new Plant…

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"March 1977 - Plant Service Building"
From a set of images that were probably taken in order to document the state of disrepair that the old building had fallen into. This image shows damaged ceiling tiles. [The main part of this building was…

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"Warehouse - Shop" The warehouse shop and plant services building. It was located where Loso Hall now stands. Services provided are now referred to as "Facilities." [The building was originally called "Pierce Hall," and it was used as a supplementary…

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"1949-50 - Fannie West, House Mother at Pierce [Hall] Dormitory" [Men's dormitory building that was later used for Facilities.] [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Residences" section.]

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