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"February 26, 1980 - Lori Manley and Judy Zarkovich"
"1987 - Campus" An image of a small group of students hanging out around one of the campus picnic tables. They are looking up to see who is taking their picture.
"1989" Six images of two young men posing together on one of the brick enclosed planting beds and on a picnic table.
"1989" Four images of three young men posing together next to one of the brick enclosed, planting beds.
"1989 - Ackerman" Ten images of three young girls and one young boy playing together in one of the Ackerman Elementary School classrooms
"1989 - Ackerman" Four images of Ackerman Elementary Students sitting in an old bathtub together while reading books.
"1988" Seven images of a small crowd of young people gathered outside of a door that reads, "Guest Room." At first they are waiting to surprise a young woman, and once that happens, she has an emotional response.
"1988" Three images of a young woman embracing her friends after receiving a big surprise from them.
"1988" Eight images of a young woman's emotional response after receiving a big surprise from her friends.
"1/1986" Two images of four Ackerman Elementary friends, all boys.
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