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"5 native children, some naked at the Village above the Taro garden at Finchhaffen" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Village Children. As Hill wrote to Martha, the Papuan 'women stepped back in the shadows of their huts when they saw us, but the little kids…

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"AJ Countryman showering"

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"AJ Countryman showering"

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"Van Reimer behind fence - showering"

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"AJ Countryman, resident of 'Swoose Inn, his tent"

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"Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation - During the 40th & 41st Division (Red & Blue) war exercises. Sponge Bath - Fred Hill"

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"How we swam at Hunter-Liggett"

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"How we swam at Hunter-Liggett"

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Position: 4186 (4 views)

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