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"The 3rd Attack Group Photo Section crew - including 5 men on loan from the 17th Recon Sqdn Front Row L to R Jack Heyn - Jim Humphrey (Section Chief) - John Shemilyence - Leith Seely - Earnie Roy - Ken Ward - Joe DeNunno - George Newcomb - John Bahr…

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"New Guinea citizen digging ditch for drain pipe at the 17th Tactical Recon Sqdn's first workin camp site Palm branches for shade"

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"Residence of the 3rd Attack Group Photo Section men including the 5 men of the 17th Recon "on loan" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Our House on Embi Creek. Located about thirty yards behind their Photo Lab, this typical native building -- post and beam,…

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"1st Sgt John Rixham from 'Strike' 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Rixham Demoted. Among his commanding officers, the fate of 1st Sgt John W. Rixham was perhaps the most ironic. As Hill told the story to Martha, he noted, 'I'll bet I…

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"Big Emby Lake - near (1/2 hr hike) our camp at Dobodura. We fished there. Had a raft and later - re-cycled inflated life rafts from aircraft" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Big Embi Lake. After a fishing trip here, Hill wrote Martha, 'Around sunup, I…

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"Sgt Ed Bernardo frying fish from Big Emby Lake - at night (note flashlight) Make-shift stove! taken with Sqdn's Speed Graphic & flash." From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fish Fry. Ed Bernardo dons his chef hat and grills the fresh catch from Big Embi Lake.…

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"New Guinea Jungle - our first experience wth real jungle 17th Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Into the Tropic Jungle. On November 16, Hill's squadron boarded the Liberty ship SS John Steinmetz in Milne Bay and sailed north to Dobodura, which…

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"The movie theater at Dobodura"

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"Dick Baxter cutting hair for Bob Casey - Finchhafen"

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"Officer's tents at Finschhafen"

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