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"1988" A group of employees sit at a table in the "Jitters" coffee shop area of Hoke Hall. There are also people waiting at the counter for service.

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"1970 Graduation" Three images of people arriving for the graduation ceremony and walking on the sidewalk towards Quinn Coliseum where it will be held. .009 - Background: Hoke Building (left), Ackerman Elementary School (right). .013 - Hunt Hall…

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An image of the starting line for a race at a track meet. An official stands on a ladder while holding the starter's pistol aloft. In the background from left to right are the Hoke Building, Pierce Library, and Ackerman Elementary School. In the…

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"Hoke" Six images of the newly completed Hoke Hall.

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"EOSC Hoke College Center (Student Center)" - three images .004 - Building materials for the construction of Zabel Hall (foreground, left), Hoke Building (background, right side). .005 - Zabel Hall construction site (foreground, bottom of picture),…

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"Freshman Week" Twelve images of a singing guitarist performing outdoors, and the audience members who sat on the grass to watch and listen. xx059 .006 - Hoke Building (background). .007 - Ackerman Elementary School (background). .008 - Hoke Building…

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"Construction" Ten images of EOC President Averno Rempel and Dean of Administration Richard Perry taking some visiting officials on a tour of the Hoke Hall construction site. .011 - Walking behind the old Hoke Building that will be torn down when the…

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Sixteen images of the EOC campus and surrounding La Grande, Oregon taken from an airplane circling overhead. The old Hoke Building has not been replaced by Hoke Hall at this point, and renovations are underway at Pierce Library.

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"1989" An image of the "Jitters" coffee shop in Hoke Hall getting lots of business.

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"1988" Six images of students taking a break in the "Jitters" coffee shop area of Hoke Hall.

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