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"4/9/1983 - EOSC Open House" Three images of a well-attended dining event held during the Open House, probably the Parent's Breakfast.

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"7/7/1982" Six images of the students in a summer art class [possibly, Continuing Education] taking time for lunch in the Hoke Hall Cafeteria.

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Four images of students and employees eating and studying in the Hoke Hall cafeteria.

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Two images taken in the Hoke Hall Cafeteria where students fill trays with their food selections and then sit down to eat.

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Three images looking down the stairs inside Hoke Hall. A banner hangs overhead which reads: "Hoke Center 10th Anniversary Bookstore Sale." The bookstore is at the bottom of the stairs on the left.

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"1988" A group of employees sit at a table in the "Jitters" coffee shop area of Hoke Hall. There are also people waiting at the counter for service.

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"October 1988 - Hoke Hall"

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Three images of the tables and benches on the outdoor Hoke Hall patio covered in snow.

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Students and faculty try out the newly build Hoke Hall cafeteria and dining area.

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