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"1918 - End of the WWI Parade - La Grande, Oregon"
Eastern Oregon vs. Northwest Nazarene. Players from both teams are amassed under the basket. Eastern's #20 and #45 are visible. The American flag hangs high in the left background.
"5/1987 - Springfest" Presentation of the flags opens the Native American powwow held in Quinn Coliseum.
"5/1987 - Rodeo" During the opening ceremony of the rodeo, a cowgirl rides her horse while carrying a large U. S. flag around the ring.
"6/10/1987 - Graduation" Commencement is opened with the presentation of the flags.
Hunt Hall sections "A" and "B." Section "A" is very overgrown with shrubs and ivy. 1950's era vehicles are parked in the lot in front of the building. Students can be seen walking on the sidewalks, and there is a flag flying at the far right.
"1949-50 Campus buildings" This is a picture of the "A" and "B" sections of Hunt Hall. Vines of ivy have nearly engulfed the "A" section. Numerous automobiles are parked along the streets and in a lot in front of Hunt. [Also have print from before…
"March 29, 1976 - Campus scenes"
Three flags are displayed with the U.S. flag at the top, and the 1976 Bicentennial flag in the middle. The bottom flag is unidentified.
"March 5, 1976 - '1776' ARBA [American Revolution Bicentennial Administration] Presentation"
The dignitaries who will participate in the Bicentennial Flag presentation at EOSC. From left to right they are: Glen McKenzie, Ernest Anderson, EOSC…
"November 1978 - Lanetta Carter and John Cobb"
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