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"Buildings" Two images of Inlow Hall, one from the front and one more from the side, that were taken just before the name of the school was changed on the front of the building.
"1989" Two images of Inlow Hall
"1989 - Mountaineer Classic" - thirty-three images 89024 .001 - Dave Gilbert (back to camera). .005 - Dick Stenard. .007 - Dick Stenard. .008 - Bill Hermann (left, back to camera), Dick Stenard (right, back to camera). .010 - Dick Stenard. .012-.013…
"6/1987" An image of the entrance to Inlow Hall.
"6/1987 - Elderhostel" Three images of participants in the Elderhostel program walking towards and into Inlow Hall.
"6/1987" Two images of some of the bushes and shrubs growing along the front of Inlow Hall.
"6/1986 - Art students" - nine images .005-.006 - [Appears to be:] Ian Gatley (left).
"December 14, 1984 - Snow scenes" Two images of snow being shovelled off of the roof of Inlow Hall.
"December 14, 1984 - Snow scenes" An image of the snow-covered sign for Ackerman Elementary School.
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