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"Fred Hill - A.J. Countryman Biak"
"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" Students lie on the grass watching people and activities going on at the booths in the background.
"9/1986" A young couple relaxes together on the grass at the barbecue on orientation day.
"April 1st & 2nd, 1976 - Campus scenes"
A student relaxes at one of the picnic tables on the outdoor patio of Hoke Hall. Ackerman Hall (left) and Hunt Hall (middle of image) are visible in the background.
"1976 - Orientation Days"
Three young men relax in the sunshine on the grass lawn near the campus bell.
"October 9, 1978 - Fall campus scenes"
Students enjoy the nice wearther, relax, and talk while laying on the grass near Hunt Hall.
"April 1979" Students laying out in the grass.
"May 1979 - Outdoor scenes"
Students sit together on the grass, with Mt. Emily in the background.
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