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"Maj Wm. Tennile C.O. of 17th TRSqdn"
"Gen MacArthur returns to Corregidor - with Col Jones - Gen Krueger directly behind Col Jones - from lantern slides. Source: Bob Flynn - 503rd"
"Japanese military review - Inspecting Officers marching toward camera. Large Barracks buildings - Taken as a souvenir from dead soldier's effects by US soldier. Fred Hill purchased it from said US soldier. No information available"
"Fort Lewis Inspection - 2nd Division Colonel & the General and entourage in mess hall" "Gen Eisenhower at Madigan Hospital - Star Shoulder Patch: 2nd Division" "Fort Lewis Sentinel Photo (not by Fred Hill, but in the Fred Hill collection)"
"Jim Johnston, Associated Student Body President, conducts the memorial service. 'He Upheld The Faith Of Freedom For All Men' - The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 plunged the nation into shock and grief. On Sunday…
"Freshman Officers 54-55, Dave Walch, Arlene Edwards, Steve Fonda" The three freshman officers stand on a stage together with the stage curtain hanging behind them. The young men are wearing slacks and dress shirts, and Arlene Edwards has on a skirt…
"AWS [Associated Women Students] Officers [From left to right:] Cheryl Thornton, Secretary
"EOC Parent's Club Officers - Robert Oesterling, Mrs. Ralph Reinecke" The two parent's club officers sit at a table together.
"Left to right: Bruce Hanna, Janice Mi[t]chell, Bruce Thomsen [Thomson]. Would you believe? Senior Class Officers." The three senior class officers pose together for a funny snapshot at "Fat*Ems Pizza." There are numerous beers on the counter in…
"1985 - ASB Officers" The 1985 class officers pose together with a March of Dimes Certificate of Appreciation and a couple of trophies from the Student Leadership Conference.
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