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"September 1982 - Area Consortium Formation Meeting" - ten images .006 - Harvey Bennett (right side, leaning back), Doug Treadway (back to camera, dark hair). .007 - Harvey Bennett (left side, back to wall), Terry Edvalson (in profile, pen to mouth).…
"The Jap 'Betty' bombers delivering the preliminary Jap envoys. This shows the planes still high in the air. No escorting planes in this picture."
"The 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn in Formal Formation"
"Formation of 17th medal recipients - Mindoro"
"Formation of 17th medal recipients - Mindoro"
"Formation of 17th medal recipients - Mindoro"
"Japanese military review - Inspecting Officers marching toward camera. Large Barracks buildings - Taken as a souvenir from dead soldier's effects by US soldier. Fred Hill purchased it from said US soldier. No information available"
"17th Tact. Recon Sqdn assembly for visit from Gen Whitehead to present medals to a number of recipients" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Brass Arrives. In spite of significant Japanese opposition, American forces established their Mindoro base. By the end…
"3 B-25's in flight - perhaps over Louisiana. Doubtful - Before the white horizontal bar was added to the Star. Serial numbers: 232362, 138443, 292404"
"5 B-25's in flight - perhaps over Louisiana. Serial numbers: 130420, 130443, 232237, 230477, unknown" From "Darkroom Soldier": "B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombers. Hill's 17th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron practice their bombing and strafing over…
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