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"Candidates for ASB Secretary 50-55, Gail [Swart] Coffin, Joan [JoAnn] Nuss" Gail [Swart] Coffin and JoAnn Nuss sit outside in front of a leafy bush. They are both wearing skirts, blouses and belts, and they have turned their heads to face each other…
"ASB Election for President 55-56, Bart Clements, Howard Evans" Bart Clements and Howard Evans take a few minutes to clown around during the ASB election for president. One of them is sitting on a stone bench while the other is standing on one leg…
"ASB Officers 1953-54, (Jack) Rye - yell king, (Vivian) Harder - prexy, (Bob) Bieker - vice prexy, Martin - secy" The ASB officers for 1953-1954 pose together.
"1985 - ASB Officers" The 1985 class officers pose together with a March of Dimes Certificate of Appreciation and a couple of trophies from the Student Leadership Conference.
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